Original Howard Miller III by Howard Miller 18"

Original Howard Miller III by Howard Miller 18"



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Original Howard Miller III by Howard Miller 18"

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Howard Miller learned the craft of clockmaking from Old-World masters who plied their special trade in Germany's Black Forest region. When he returned in 1926 to establish his own company in the town of Zeeland, Michigan, his first order of business was to create a clock that honored the past - and focused on the future. This wall clock is authentic to the first timepieces that Howard Miller produced. Made with fade-resistant inks, the antique dial is carefully mounted on a laser cut, 1/4" thick, panel base and features antique black hands, second and dual hour hand, and a quartz, battery operated, movement.

Hand assembled. Quartz clock movements ensure reliability and trouble-free service. Includes 1-year manufacturer warranty. Requires batteries (not included.)

Original Howard Miller III Wall Clock
Diameter: 18"
(Also available in 25" diameter in our Large Wall Clocks Collection)