Bendorf Cuckoo Mantle Clock by Hermle

Bendorf Cuckoo Mantle Clock by Hermle



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Bendorf Cuckoo Mantle Clock by Hermle

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This Cuckoo Mantle Clock stands at 8.45" tall, and is decorated by two friendly life like bears. Quartz movement plays 12 melodies and a cuckoo call on the hour. Made in Germany.

Melody selection:
1. Music Box Dancer
2. Muss i denn zum…(wooden heart)
3. Zhivago-Melodie
4. Mühle im Schwarzwald (Black Forest mill)
5. Bacarole
6. Ich weiss nicht, was soll es bedeuten (The Lorelei)
7. Oh mein Papa
8. Fröhlicher Wanderer (Happy Wanderer)
9. Que sera
10. Edelweiss
11. Für Elise (Pour Elise)
12. Clementine

Bendorf Cuckoo Mantle Clock
Height: 8.45"