Baron Mantel Clock by Seiko

Baron Mantel Clock by Seiko



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Baron Mantel Clock by Seiko

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The charming and classic design of this clock adds elegance to any space. The medium-brown wooden case complements any decor, and the glass cover on a door opens to a pendulum with a gleaming gold finish. Each quarter-hour you’ll hear the Westminster/Whittington chimes, whose volume is easily controlled to your preference and can be silenced during the night.

  • Dark brown wooden case with pendulum
  • Dual chimes: Westminster, Whittington
  • Quarter hour chime, Hourly strikes follow the hourly chime
  • Automatic chime silencer (11:00P.M. - 5:45A.M.)
  • Volume control
  • Powered by 1 C battery (included)
  • Dimensions: 12.25"H x 9.75"W x 4.75"D

Listen to the Chimes here