Silver Robin Alarm Clock by Rhythm

Silver Robin Alarm Clock by Rhythm



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Silver Robin Alarm Clock by Rhythm

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Wake up to the beautiful chirps, melodies, or progressive beeps of the Silver Robin. The Silver Robin is equipped with 12 different sounds including 7 well-known melodies, a snooze button, LED light, driven by our popular super silent movement. Clock is battery quartz operated.

Plays one of 7 melodies, a progressive beep sound, or 4 different bird chirping sound.

Air, Amazing Grace, Ave Maria, Canon, Four Seasons - Spring, Jupiter, Turandot, Beep Sound (Progressing), Bird Chirping Sound.

Hand assembled. Quartz clock movements ensure reliability and trouble-free service. Requires 3 "AA" size batteries (not included).

Silver Robin Alarm Clock
Dimensions: H: 4.5", W: 4.3"